LED MODULS for retail

According to the PNL – Neuro Linguistic Programming and studies on sales techniques, the customer is reached through the 5 senses: 87% sight, 9% hearing, 4% touch, taste and smell.   Customers, thanks to the light, can be attracted by shop windows, stay longer in shops, feel privileged, be guided in the spaces, experience emotions … Read more

The LED modules market: main trends and previsions

According to an analysis conducted by Business Research Insights, in the latest years the LED modules market registered a phase of big increase, reaching in 2021 an amount of approximately 5,5 billion dollars. Business Research Insight also estimates that the LED modules market will continue to grow reaching 8 billion dollars in 2028. This important … Read more

LED lighting for sport environments: an optimal solution for multiple objectives

In terms of energy efficient, the LED solutions are a fundamental technological resource in sport environments. In addition to saving, LED systems help to obtain high levels of brightness, extremely necessary in this application context.   Why is it important to choose a LED lighting system for sport environments? Any facility intended for sporting and … Read more

LED street lighting: the main benefits


LED street lighting is a technology that ensures the maximum visual quality, energy saving and both electrical and optical efficiency. It allows citizens to move around at night in total safety and in conditions of best visual comfort. Traditional street lighting systems are generally not efficient, given to the high energy consumption they require. The … Read more

Human Centric Lighting: case study

The light has always played a fundamental role for the human being. In addition to a purely visual function, it significantly influences the biological and emotional aspects of our life. However, it frequently happens to spend many hours a day indoors and not in direct contact with dynamism of daylight. Very often the lighting conditions … Read more