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The quality you can count on

In an article published in 2019, the vice president of ASSIL observed how the lighting industry has now involved in a new evolutionary phase. This has been possible even thanks to the opportunities originated by the LED technology, which allows to obtain about the 75% of energy saving, according to an US government evaluation. LuxLucis chose to avail on all the advantages offered by LED technology. However, what distinguishes LuxLucis is its ability to offer ad hoc solutions to meet every different need. This adaptability allows us to create a product specifically designed to meet the needs of the customer. In order to ensure the highest quality levels, our projects always follow a process of proven effectiveness. Starting from the analysis of technical requirements to the project design, LuxLucis products are submitted to continuous test cycles, which ensure their function and performance. The support of LuxLucis is essential in the after-sale phase as well, where we attend with fast and efficient solutions.

Not all the lighting projects are the same

LuxLucis LED modules are created to ensure the best customized solution for any different application, from retail and office lighting to entertainment and the creation of dynamic lighting scenarios for specific areas. We are specialized in the supply of products for both outdoor and indoor application, for which we use UV LED modules for specific needs, exploiting all the last best technologies.


Our team of experts is able to realize any LED module for lighting and industrial applications. Thanks to our experience, the development of the project is at the center of our business, providing an extremely reliable product quickly made from the prototyping to mass production.

Designed in Italy

Italian design means quality. Our products are totally designed in Italy, ensuring the highest prototype standards. This quality level allows us to follow white label path or different customization process in synergy with the specific needs of our customers.


Our project-oriented philosophy guarantees flexibility, essential to face on the most different and specific lighting requirements. We collaborate only with high specialized and experienced suppliers which help us to supply high quality products aside from the project needs.