LED lighting for sport environments: an optimal solution for multiple objectives

In terms of energy efficient, the LED solutions are a fundamental technological resource in sport environments. In addition to saving, LED systems help to obtain high levels of brightness, extremely necessary in this application context.


Why is it important to choose a LED lighting system for sport environments?

Any facility intended for sporting and playful activities, which hosts events and competitions, needs a system that ensures a constant and efficient coverage of light.


Furthermore, even in this sector, the need to contain consumption is becoming fundamental. For this reason, sports halls, fields and structures used for sporting activities must comply with the new regulations in force.


Opting for a LED-based lighting system means being able to achieve these objectives more easily, and with lower costs to bear, obtaining a series of benefits that conventional systems cannot guarantee.


The main benefits for using LED solutions in sport environments

During the design of a lighting system for sport environments, it is necessary to monitor some factors which will be fundamental performance indicators.

The lighting must be uniform and it must follow the so-called “perimeter lines”. This is because while spectators have to discern little movement on the playing field, players or athletes will instead be looking in different directions, and where light fails to provide adequate coverage performance will be compromised and safety put at risk.

LED systems, compared to halide-based solutions, manage to obtain high levels of visual comfort, offering a high-quality light emission on all parts of the system and their efficiency, from an energy point of view, is better.

Research conducted in 2016 by a group of researchers from the Lighting and Acoustic Laboratory (LIA) of the University of Pisa has in fact found that, in the case of the creation of the lighting system in a newly built sports hall, the use of LED floodlights would allow reductions in primary energy consumption of up to 52%, and 32% when compared with the use of conventional floodlights and luminaires.


The importance of LED modules in lighting for sport environment

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