LED MODULS for retail

According to the PNL – Neuro Linguistic Programming and studies on sales techniques, the customer is reached through the 5 senses: 87% sight, 9% hearing, 4% touch, taste and smell.


Customers, thanks to the light, can be attracted by shop windows, stay longer in shops, feel privileged, be guided in the spaces, experience emotions and situations.


And it’s especially in retail sector that LED lighting, both functional and decorative, and LED modules find their application, converting shopping in a special experience and offering multiple benefits.


First of all, LED modules are very energy efficient, thanks to the combination of daylight and artificial light made possible by the installation of light sensors. Furthermore, the possible installation of presence sensors and manual dimmers can create the right atmosphere, saving energy and reducing operating costs.


Moreover, LED modules are available in a wide range of colors and color temperatures which allow to shops to create the perfect lighting for their brand and products, attracting the attention of customers. LED modules can be also easily controlled by setting constant and predefined brightness levels and call up dynamic sequences via a central control panel, thus creating the right atmosphere based on the time of day or the occasion.


Finally, LED modules are extremely durable and require very little maintenance. Intelligent thermal management, for example, keeps LED modules at a constant temperature, preventing them from overheating. This means that shops won’t have to worry about replacing lamps as often, reducing costs.


In summary, the use of LED modules for retail lighting is a winning choice: it is customizable, durable and offers energy efficient lighting.

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