LED street lighting: the main benefits

LED street lighting is a technology that ensures the maximum visual quality, energy saving and both electrical and optical efficiency. It allows citizens to move around at night in total safety and in conditions of best visual comfort.

Traditional street lighting systems are generally not efficient, given to the high energy consumption they require.

The lighting bodies that integrate LED systems offer a complete solution, capable of reducing costs and obtaining optimal performance at the same time.

Replacing an old and inefficient system with one based on new LED technologies can guarantee a safe return on investment and introduce some fundamental benefits. Let’s find out some of them in this article.


Energy saving and reduction of CO2 emissions

The LED luminaires for street lighting are based on a technology that, with the same emitted luminous flux, allows a minimum energy saving of 65% compared to fluorescent lamps, and more than 90% if we compare it with incandescent or halogen lighting. Lower energy consumption means lower CO2 emissions and therefore better environmental sustainability.

A LED is mainly composed by silicon powder, therefore it does not involve gases that are harmful to health or other toxic substances, avoiding any disposal problems.

The absence of toxic substances, such as mercury and other chemical elements, results in a lower impact on the environment which, together with the reduction of CO2 emitted, enable LEDs to establish themselves as fundamental elements for the design of eco-sustainable cities.


Visual comfort

A peculiar feature of LEDs is the ability to diffuse a directional light, maximizing the emission towards a specific direction and only where it is needed, with the help of appropriate secondary optics.

The quality of light produced by LEDs is generally higher than other sources. The color rendering, for example, guarantees better comfort for the human eye, positively affecting the perception of the illuminated environment.

Different from other external light sources, the intensity of the LED emission can be easily dimmerable, allowing greater flexibility in controlling light levels, further increasing the levels of energy savings guaranteed by the systems.

One of the goals of public and street lighting is to provide citizens with a visual context in which they can move in total safety. The dual mission of LED street lighting is to ensure excellent visibility conditions and contain energy costs at the same time.

This application ensures a visual comfort for both vehicle drivers and pedestrians.


Lighting quality and design

As previously mentioned, LED systems are generally more efficient than traditional bulbs also in terms of operational duration. While traditional incandescent lamps tend to experience frequent malfunctions or, more simply, require frequent replacements, LED systems do not require routine maintenance.

LED light engine usually have a more compact and optimized design, which allows the creation of smaller luminaires.

One more important advantage concerns the thermal dispersion. Unlike other light sources, LED lighting fixtures have a reduced heat generation and this makes them suitable for the lighting of historical monuments and works of art and therefore suitable for all areas of high artistic and architectural value.

In addition to this, a LED lamp guarantees a life time up to 20 times longer than traditional halogen or fluorescent technologies and this leads to a drastic reduction in maintenance costs.

Thanks to the reduced heat generation, energy savings and the high quality of the materials used, LED lights guarantee significant advantages in terms of maintenance cost reduction compared to traditional systems.


Reduction of light pollution

Studies conducted by the University of Exeter in the UK reveal how visual pollution has become a global problem, with a growth of 49% over the past 25 years.

Optimizing street lighting can certainly help reduce light pollution. Experts argue that the innovation introduced by LEDs in redesigning the structure of the device and focusing the light only where necessary, constitutes one of the “future-centric” benefits of LEDs.


The importance of applying the most compliant LED module to our system

As we know, the LED module is the fundamental component integrated within the related lighting fixtures and allows for high performance in terms of both electrical and optical efficiency.

LuxLucis presents a large catalogue of LED modules that use high-power packages, bringing the quality and know-how of the world’s leading LED manufacturers into your systems.

Our outdoor modules are composed by IMS aluminum printed circuits with high thermal conductivity up to 5W /mK and they are in different shapes, thus offering high compatibility and adaptability.

Visit our website to learn more in detail. LuxLucis is available to provide you with all the information you need to choose the module that best suits your needs: https://luxlucis.tech/prodotti-standard/outdoor/

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