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The most advanced technology

The new outdoor and street lighting LED technologies have led to the development of high performing lighting fixtures in terms of electrical and optical efficiency. In this context, we are able to offer the most advanced technology on the market with a range of highly versatile products. Our modules are equipped with high-power and high-quality chip LED selected from the world’s leading manufactures. The high compatibility enables its application with a wide choice of optics.


Technology and adaptability

The design of lighting fixtures for interior architectural application requires an ever-increasing miniaturization of lighting sources. Our linear and spot LED solutions suit to any profile and power requirement. The tunable white and RGBW technology enable a perfect color balance to adapt to any type of environment.

UV LED modules

The range of products includes modules for UV application to implement the latest innovations in lighting sector

The UV-A and UV-C chip LED offered by our partners are suitable for many applications. The technologies of the printed circuit boards ensure high performance in terms of thermal dissipation for a maximum efficiency of the chips.