The advantages of a White Label design path

Choose LuxLucis to ensure the advantages of a White Label product. Our experience at the service of your product.


Choosing a White Label solution means marketing in your own name a product supplied by a third part, thus exploiting all the potential and guarantees given by the supplier to obtain a significant advantage on the market. In fact, those who take advantage of a White Label design can benefit from a know-how that generally would not be able to replicate.


This is the main introduction, but which are, in details, the benefits of this choice? And why is the White Label the way to go if we want to deliver a quality product to our customers?

  • Minimizing the risks associated with production activities. Creating a product from scratch, even tested, and launching on market can prove to be an unknown factor capable of generating additional costs, often difficult to predict. Ensuring the collaboration of those who have proven and consolidated experience in the sector can certainly contain the related risks.
  • Access to skills and resources that are lacking in the business. Developing products requires specific know-how which is also based on some fundamental assets, such as production infrastructures. Leaning on someone who manages the design outside your company allows you to cut a significant portion of costs and, consequently, gives us the opportunity to dedicate more budgets to investments in the brand and in product communication (but not only).
  • Achieving an excellent quality. This benefit is connected to the previous point. Those who supply products with White Labels designs and manufactures high quality products. Making use of a tested production system supported by research and development activities, the quality and technological development of the products supplied will always be guaranteed.
  • Lacking R&D investments. By delegating production activities to third parties, the need to allocate a part of the budget to research and product development will automatically disappear. In this way it will be possible for the company to ensure a technological standard capable of keeping the brand’s reputation intact. This translates into a further reduction in long-term costs.


The LuxLucis White Label solutions.

By choosing LuxLucis you will get a product that is the result of a completely made in Italy design and that we can customize in line with your requests. What distinguishes LuxLucis is in fact its ability to offer ad hoc solutions to respond to needs of a different nature.

This adaptability allows us to deliver to the customer a product specifically designed to meet their specific needs.

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